Hello dear visitors and welcome to our brand new website. We are a small business called Tambuisi and, as you can see from our motto, we provide you with unique innovations that are up and coming on the market. With this being said, we are a business that sells valuable innovative goods, mostly consisting of tech gadgetry and innovative home appliances. Within these categories, we offer a wide array of products, each with unique and innovative characteristics that will undoubtedly make themselves interesting.

Unfortunately, our website is still nowhere near completion, so please stick around with us. So far, we are gathering up our products and listing them all into one spreadsheet. After that process is done, we will update our catalog accordingly. So far, we have only dropped in a couple of reviews along with a personal blog entry. Opening such a small business takes a lot of effort so please don’t be discouraged by the lack of content on this site. To make it up for you, we have decided to give you some useful insights on some of the top products that you can buy from us.

Here is the general list of categories you can expect in the catalog of our website (in the near future)

Take a look at some of those categories listed down below. It’s just a portion of what we will be offering in the time to come!

Home appliances

Mostly smart home appliances ranging from light bulbs, locks, security systems and so on… The modern society is striving to completely autonomous homes that will not only clean themselves but provide you with an extra layer of security, creativity and above all – comfort! It’s very important to stay up to date with new products in this category. Things are changing extremely fast. For an example, people are starting to use nano drones instead of security cameras, can you believe that?

Tech gadgetry

Every small business has a tech nerd in its ranks, and that it especially true when it comes to Tambuisi. We offer a wide amount of top quality tech gadgets. Products such as electric skateboards, hoverboards, GPS drones, smart watches… you name it!

HiFi equipment

Yes, we have HiFi equipment too… But not the classic style types. No. We offer unique, hand made levitating speakers that are going to build up the imagination of you and pretty much everyone who sees them. Talk about a unique gift to a musician, eh?

So that’s about it guys, I hope you enjoy the looks of our website and that you intend on visiting it in the near future when it is completely finished. By looking at the categories, we sincerely hope you will find something that will occupy your attention. Keep in mind that we are constantly updating our catalog and that you should check frequently in order to get the latest deals on our products. Perhaps we don’t have such a massive number of products in stock, but if you find something on the internet that you would like to purchase, feel free to contact us and we will see if we can get our hands on it. If that’s the case, then we will be more than happy to do business with you! Remember, you can contact us directly from this website by filling in the form on the Contact page.

With this being said, we sincerely hope that you will visit us again and that you will consider purchasing something from us.

Until then, enjoy the Holidays!