As you can see from our brand new, colorful website, TambuisiĀ is your go-to store if you are looking for unique and strange things. We offer a huge assortment of interesting products. With a huge line of them in supply, there is no doubt you will find something for yourself.

Still, even though we have an incredible number of things at our supply (you can check them out for yourself by stopping by at our little store), our website is not exactly finished. We still have more things to add to it, mainly the entire catalog. Why? Well, as you can see for yourself, our website at the moment consists of only a handful of pages such as About, Contact, Home and Blog. While these can be considered as the backbone of all websites, we still need a whole lot of content added in an upcoming couple of weeks. If you are a potential buyer, please bear with us as more content will be available for a short while.

While you wait for that, you might as well stroll through our blog posts and read some stories written exclusively by me. I hope they will prove to possess interesting material and that you will consider them informative and easy to read.

All the best!