Problems with carriers

Last week we had some problems with 2 of our carriers. The shipments that we were supposed to receive were late for almost a week and we were starting to get suspicious¬†of their whereabouts. That is why we called their HQ and, after listing out the tracking numbers, demanded to know what happened to our shipment. The people at the customer service were actually quite pleasant and they thoroughly explained the situation to us. Apparently, I made a boo boo with the address lines (this actually happens more often than I’d like to admit). Unfortunately, given the fact I called them on Friday evening, we had to wait for our shipment to arrive for another 3 long days.

On Tuesday, it finally arrived and the people delivering it actually apologized even though I was the one who made the error. Still, our clients suffered because we could not provide them with enough in stock products and for that, I am truly sorry. Next time, I will definitely pay more attention when entering our address into appropriate format and lines.