Product review – DJI Mavic Pro

Another extremely innovative tech gadget is coming to us straight from DJI. I am sure you have already heard of DJI, the world’s leading company in terms of unmanned aerial vehicles…or, as people like to call them – drones! One of their newest models has just hit the market and its name is DJI Mavic Pro. It’s an exceptional piece of tech gadgetry and as such, we just could not pass on the opportunity to do a little review on it. So with that in mind, let’s see what this bad boy can actually do!


As is the case with all drones made by DJI, the Mavic Pro is filled with awesome features that will surely come in handy more often than not. For instance, it has GPS, altitude hold, follow me and all those fancy features we are used to seeing with premium quality drones. But this little fella takes everything we just mentioned an incredible step further. It is foldable! Yup, you got that right. DJI made a fully fledged foldable drone that sports a professional quality 4K camera which is more than enough to capture every important moment.


When it comes to the specifications of this drone, it is safe to say it does not disappoint. With more than 25 minutes of flight time (roughly 27 if we are to be more precise here), you will have no problems with its battery as it provides you with more than enough time to pilot it around and shoot incredible aerial footage. And now, we are coming to the most awesome thing about this drone – its flight range. To be honest, we are already used to see DJI’s drones with more than 2 kilometers of lag-free control range, but DJI Mavic pro takes things one step further once again. With whopping 7 kilometers of range, there is no doubt this beast belongs to a category of its own. What a masterpiece!