Product review – G.Skill Ripjaws K780MX

G.Skill is actually a well-known brand in the gaming industry. Not so much for their peripherals, more for their RAM modules and SSDs. A lot of people think that G.Skill only produces RAM and SSDs, which is a huge mistake, and this mechanical keyboard is the perfect example why. For starters, it is a fully fledged mechanical keyboard that comes with original Cherry MX switches (we have 2 models with brown switches in stock at the moment) for the optimal typing (and gaming) experience.

2 models

The keyboard itself comes in 2 separate models, each priced differently. MX and RGB are their respective names, and the only real difference between them is the lightning of the keys. As you could guess by yourself, the RGB model has a full spectrum of colors while the MX one has only one – red. If you are purchasing a mechanical keyboard and you are primarily aiming for the aesthetics, then the RGB model is the right one for you. Even though the MX model looks good in its own right (especially with a black and red setup), the RGB possesses a good dose of versatility when it comes to building your perfect gaming corner!

Looks and features

As for the looks, the keyboard is nothing short of gaming-esque. The whole build screams “RAAAWR I’M A GAMIGN KEYBOARD” and in an awesome way. Truth be told, it is not exactly something you’d bring to your work, but still, if you’re a passionate gamer, why not? Build quality is exceptional, the whole frame is sturdy and you’ll be pleasantly surprised at the weight of the whole unit. The reason behind this are aluminum bars that are wrapping up around the whole keyboard, making up for great looks overall. Features-wise, it has N-key rollower and 100% anti ghosting capabilities. In addition to that, you will also get some extra red gaming keycaps with great grip on the surface. And that’s not all, the keyboard features 6 programmable macro keys and 3 modes + user profiles for the ultimate adjsutability. All in all, great gaming keyboard that will definitely stand the test of time!